Our services are flexible and scalable and we can change, add and remove services on request to maximize efficiency between us and the client. This flexibility also includes different contractual terms and payment options.

Management & monitoring

Management & monitoring is a crucial part of the total hosting solution. This service consists of daily operation of your entire infrastructure, both hardware and software, and provides you with vital information and details about your game, your infrastructure, your audience and customers. Monitoring will also alert you when there is something wrong with the environment.

Our monitoring & management service gives you the flexibility to choose from management with automated monitoring, a hybrid service or a fully operational NOC 24/7 human interaction service with up to 3 tiers of support.

Infrastructure and network design

Our infrastructure and network design service consists of the ability to choose & custom design different hardware & software components to fit your requirements perfectly.

We can analyze your current solution and find existing bottlenecks and we can therefore provide you with a solution that is both performance oriented and cost efficient.

We are supplier independent with knowledge on all major vendors and many small ones. These services are applied to, but not limited to:

  • Different server hardware vendors.
  • Different storage and backup vendors.
  • Different firewall and vpn vendors.
  • Different router and switch vendors.
  • Different software vendors.

Colocation services

We offer resilient, secure, and highly scalable co-location services worldwide with the highest connectivity standards to meet organizations demanding requirements. Ranging requirements from 1U to a rack to thousands of square feet, our location services offer:

  • Per Unit Hosting
  • Full cabinets
  • Half cabinets
  • Cages
  • Custom space and enclosures

ISP services

Our connectivity services offer you choice, flexibility, network resilience and are designed to meet the needs of next generation online games. By giving you access to the largest and most connected Tier 1 IP backbones across the Americas, Europe and Asia, these services offers a complete range of port interface speeds, multiple access and billing options and online performance reporting.

Online games are real-time sensitive applications, and to be able to guarantee quick response times the network has to be optimized. Game-Hosting network solutions are designed for performance.

Game-Hosting GH AB is its own ISP.