Bare-Metal Servers

Our bare-metal servers are a part of our cloud and integrates with all our other services.

Through our cloud you are provided with an interface that allows physical servers to be managed as though they were virtual machines.

Our bare-metal servers are all about raw hardware power. It is a single-tenant physical server that is completely dedicated to a single customer. It is perfect for data-intensive workloads that prioritize performance and reliability. Additionally, you may have graphics processing units (GPUs) or field programable gate arrays (FPGA) working in conjunction with your server’s CPU for high performance computing.

Bare-metal servers eliminates resource contention and provide the full processing power of a dedicated server.

Our bare-metal servers can be fully managed, if required, and offers a full spectrum of options, from standardized, horizontally scalable systems to more tailored server architectures. Get the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your applications and online games hosting environment.

Game-Hosting’s bare-metal servers can seamlessly be integrated with Game-Hosting’s virtual & container services into one symbiotic solution under one internal network.