Managed Private Cloud Services

Our managed private cloud service is fully based on our cloud platform and offers a complete solution for game companies seeking a secure, reliable, and flexible private cloud environment. The private cloud infrastructure is completely customizable and will be preconfigured and optimized by us to meet the specific requirements of our clients, eliminating the need for extended internal knowledge to do so.

OPEX Model

Our managed private cloud service offers a full operational expenditure (OPEX) model, providing clients with a cost-effective and flexible pricing option for their private cloud infrastructure. Rather than incurring upfront capital expenses, clients can pay for the services they consume on a monthly or yearly basis, resulting in a predictable and manageable operating expense.

Deployed Anywhere

Our managed private cloud service can be deployed anywhere, including remote office locations, offering clients the benefits of a private cloud environment that can take over in a more cost efficiently manner internal development workloads like shared file storage (assets), shared common services (version control), compiling source code, testing of builds & features and more without the need for expensive hardware or on-site IT staff. It can also be at the heart of a fully remote worker use case.

The infrastructure includes a fully-managed network infrastructure, including VLANs, firewalls, and load balancers, providing secure and reliable connectivity for applications and services. We also offer a range of storage options.

Security & Compliance

In terms of security and compliance, our managed private cloud service is fully compliant with industry-standard security protocols and regulations. Our experienced team of experts continuously monitor and manage the private cloud environment, including software and security updates, backup and disaster recovery, and performance tuning, to ensure that applications and services are always up and running.


One of the key advantages

One of the key advantages of our managed private cloud service is the ease of integration with other systems and applications. The private cloud infrastructure is fully accessible through IAC (Infrastructure as Code) and our API (Application Programming Interface), providing clients with full programmatic access to their private cloud environment. This makes it easy for clients to automate tasks, integrate with other systems, and manage their private cloud environment in a scalable and efficient manner.


With its full OPEX model, customizable offerings, and ability to be deployed anywhere, our managed private cloud service provides a secure, reliable, and flexible platform to support critical applications and services. The scalability of the private cloud infrastructure also allows for easy addition or removal of resources as clients’ needs change.

In summary, our managed private cloud service is an ideal solution for organizations that require control over their infrastructure and data, with the added benefits of a cost-effective, customizable, and highly available platform.