Multicloud Services

Multicloud strategy is becoming a cornerstone in achieving true IT agility, but managing multiple vendors and networks can add complexity, operational overhead and other pain points if you do not know how to do this.

To fully realize the advantages of multicloud, you need the agility to run any workload on any cloud and on any deployment so that you can manage your multivendor resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure.

Game-Hosting multicloud service answers that need. From a single provider, Game-Hosting multicloud service handles all management and provides all infrastructure like heterogeneous compute environments, including bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers, and networking devices; private and public clouds; networking and security orchestration policies, including microsegmentation on Game-Hosting infrastructure and public clouds.

Game-Hosting multicloud service also gives you consolidated billing, fully managed, dedicated support, consolidated networking across clouds, unified internal and external networking.