Network Performance Management

The network is the communication layer between servers and also between the end users and the servers. It is of utmost importance that this layer is configured and managed in an optimal fashion to avoid bad latency, packetloss or throughput.

When hosting is provided by Game-Hosting, we will monitor all aspects of the network layers, including switches, routers, firewalls and all the links connecting everything as well as other devices that may be present in the solution.

Metrics include latency, packetloss, error rates, bandwidth, linkspeed, packetrate and other metrics. By having full control of the network we can guarantee optimal performance in all situations to our clients.

At our core locations we also monitor latency and packetloss all the way to the end users playing the game, and we will take dynamic routing decisions to improve the gameplay.

In the case of 3rd party hosting when access to the core network layer is not available, performance can not be monitored fully, we then provide the knowledge of using the correct solutions and as well monitoring network performance from the machine level.