Game-Hosting Hybrid Cloud

Game-Hosting Cloud

The Game-Hosting cloud is designed to allow gaming companies to easily choose, combine and operate the services they require to ensure an optimal gameplay experience for their end-users.

Because of our customizable approach to infrastructure & network design, bare-metal, virtual servers and containers can seamlessly be integrated into one symbiotic solution under the same internal network. This provides our clients with easier operation and also a more optimal way of using and configuring the right type of resources for the right job. This in turn acheives a more optimal total resource usage which improves operational costs.

This environment will be cost efficient and performance optimized for your online games. It will also be directly connected to our unique game optimized network. When a larger peak or an unknown peak load happens our service can automatically engage compute power from one or all the large public clouds (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud or other) to handle the excess load, but you still send all traffic through our game optimized network.

This gives you an extremely cost effective set up where performance, indefinite scalability up and down, flexibility, security and control is achieved.

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Game-Hosting Hybrid Cloud Whitepaper

True hybrid cloud designed for online games.